Integrated Logistics & Projects

As part of our commitment to offer clients a complete turnkey project solution they can trust, Allianz plans and executes swiftly and safely a broad  range of logistics services.

Since we know that the critical success of a project relies on preparation, we plan carefully from the outset. We offer administrative support, provide cost estimates and visit origin and destination sites with clients so we both know what challenges and obstacles need to be overcome.  As project managers we also keep in close contact with overseas offices, suppliers and vendors. During the transportation phase, we handle all preparations and paperwork. At the centre of this process is the value we place on our client partnerships. We know we need to earn their trust and we work hard for this. Every step of the way.

  • Tailor-made solutions for super-heavy or oversized cargo. There’s really no challenge we can’t handle even when we’re dealing with destinations with incomplete infrastructure – our clients know that we’ll always find a way!
  • Total logistics. We can handle the entire logistics of any project including planning, consulting, implementation, documentation and more.
  • Peace of mind. We provide solutions that only a reliable, trusted partner can bring. Our mission is to build a strong long-term relationship based on mutual understanding and professionalism.
  • One-to-one Support. We assign one dedicated contact person who supports clients throughout the project from beginning to end.